Vacation Report: Brooks and Allie’s Wedding

Picture of Bride and groom

Gretchen worked extraordinarily hard to ensure that our destination wedding was perfect. She was always available and let us set the pace of communication. From the start of planning our destination wedding, my biggest priority was to not become the “point person” for information about travel for all of our guests. Planning a wedding is difficult enough and I knew there would be a lot of requests from our assortment of guests for information about details of everyone’s itinerary, ours in particular. In our eyes, our situation was fairly complicated: we had about 40 (very particular) guests arriving to Mexico from various parts of the United States, most had never left the continental U.S. before. Our beautiful resort also had various levels of accommodation, separate areas for adults and children, and a complicated rewards system. Instead of calling me in the months before the wedding to compare trip itineraries, correlate excursions and lodging, and double check flight schedules, our guests could call Gretchen. I cannot stress enough how much easier this made our travel and our wedding.

Gretchen was spectacular. She coordinated an amazing deal with our resort where we received more booking incentive money back than we expected. She was available for our guests at every moment. She coordinated with companies in Mexico for deliveries of oxygen tanks and electronic scooters for my great aunt and grandfather, both of whom would not have been able to attend our wedding without such assistance. She coordinated excursions for the entire group of wedding guests the day before the wedding, in addition to several small excursions for separate groups of our guests. Thankfully, she was even able to ensure that my parents (divorced) and their spouses were not booked in nearby rooms at the resort.

Gretchen brought an unparalleled level of customer service to our entire wedding. Our wedding was perfect and looking back, it is incredibly apparent that we would not have such a rosy remembrance of the event without Gretchen’s help, she took so much stress and worry out of our hands. I think a lot of brides and grooms hear that destination weddings are a dream to plan instead of a more traditional service at home. However, without the elite level of organization Gretchen brought to our event, we would have be simply overwhelmed. Since our wedding, we have been notified by many of our guests that they have used Gretchen to coordinate group and individual travel for themselves. Everyone is ready for us to plan the next adventure and have expressed their desire that we renew our vows at another resort in Mexico for all of our anniversaries. I know we will be reaching out to Gretchen for our 5th year anniversary to bring everyone back to paradise for another lovely adventure.

Thank you again, Gretchen.

Brooks and Allie